Bona Polish Remover, 1L

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Bona Polish Remover removes build-up from polish and other maintenance products. It is suitable for water-resistant floorings such as varnished wooden floors, tiles, PVC and linoleum.

It is concentrated polish stripper designed to remove Bona Polish and Bona Freshen Up. It can also be used to treat floors, which have become slippery and for the removal of black heel marks. Floors which have been previously treated with polish must be sanded back to bare wood prior to overcoating.

• Specifically designed for finished wooden floors
• Removes Bona Polishes

Please note: Do not allow into open gaps in the floor. May cause a permanent stain.



product barcode 7312792945258

Sealant & Lacquer Specification
Coverage For removing polish: 1L/5L water; For removing heel marks: 1 capful/100ml water
Bona Polish Remover, 1L WM634013001
Cleaning Agent Specification
pH Value Concentrate: approx. 11-11.5 Ready-mixture (20%): approx. 10.5
Density 1.0 kg/dm3
Dilution Ratio For removal of polish: 1 litre / 5 litres of water For removal of scuff marks: 1 cap / 100 ml of wat
Safety Unclassified
Flash Point Non-flammable
Shelf Life At least 2 years, from the date of production, in unopened original container
Storage Store frost-free
Bona Polish Remover, 1L WM634013001